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ICDL certification comes with benefits like Recognition of your technical knowledge / skills and Greater opportunities for career advancement. Below is a summary of ICDL certification Tracks and their relation programs and exams.

  • Full ICDL
    • Related Exam:
      • Access: ICDL the Access Exam (Discuss exam)
      • ICDL-Excel: The ICDL L4 Excel Exam
      • ICDL-IT: The ICDL L4 IT Exam
      • ICDL-PowerP: The ICDL L4 PowerPoint Exam
      • ICDL-Windows: The ICDL L4 Windows Exam
  • Full ICDL/Level 1 Certificate
    • Related Exam:
      • ICDL-Net: The ICDL L4 Net Exam