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BlackBerry certification comes with benefits like Recognition of your technical knowledge / skills and Greater opportunities for career advancement. Below is a summary of BlackBerry certification Tracks and their relation programs and exams. Note: [This list is based on data from BlackBerry Site]

  • BlackBerry 10 Certified Support Specialist (more info)
    • Related Exam:
  • BlackBerry 10 Certified Helpdesk Specialist (more info)
    • Related Exam:
      • BCP-340: Support. BB 10 Devices & BB Device Svc. in Enterprise Envir (more info)
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 Certified System Administrator (BlackBerry Device Service) (more info)
    • Related Exam:
      • BCP-440: Managing the BlackBerry Device Service (more info)
  • BlackBerry Certified Builder for Web Application Development (more info)
    • Related Exam:
      • BCP-842: Dev. App. Using BB10 WebWorks Software Development Kit (more info)
  • BlackBerry Certified Builder for Native Application Development (more info)
    • Related Exam:
      • BCP-843: Dev. App. Using BB10 Native Software Dev. Kit/Cascades UI Fr (more info)

Other Exams

  • BCP-220: Supporting BlackBerry Devices BlackBerry Internet Service
  • BCP-221: Supporting Blackberry devices / Enterprise version 5.0
  • BCP-222: Supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server/IBM Lotus Domino
  • BCP-223: Supporting Blackberry Enterprise Server/MicrosoftExchange v5
  • BCP-420: Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange
  • BCP-421: Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/IBM Lotus Domino
  • BCP-520: Integrating the BlackBerry MVS 5.0 Solution
  • BCP-521: Integrating the BlackBerry MVS SIP Gateway Solution
  • BCP-620: Deploying Blackberry Solutions / Microsoft Exchange (v5.0)
  • BCP-621: Deploying a BlackBerry Solution /IBM Lotus Domino (v5.0)
  • BCP-710: Selling the Blackberry Solution for Tech. Sales Professional
  • BCP-844: Design. & Deploy. BlackBerry 10 Apps. in Enterprise Environ